Did You Know…?

27 Mar

Ceviche literally means “cooked in citrus”.


Recipe: Korma: Winter Vegetable and Tofu

4 Mar

Recipe Found Here

If this doesn’t make your mouth water, then you’re not seeing what I’m seeing. This recipe has been printed out, three-holed punched, and put into my “Must Try: Recipes” binder.

Now whether this can be classified as a”korma” dish or not, I guess can be left up to your interpretation. Potatoes, cauliflower, tofu, a yummy warm curry flavor tickling you tongue and sliding down your throat… *sigh* I want dinner.

Review: Chuck’ Alibi Pub and Seafood House

13 Jan

An older review of a restaurant/bar in the Northeast section of Philadelphia.

Alright foodies. So it was my old roommate’s birthday and she invited me, one of our college girlfriends, and a few of her own friends to dinner. Originally she was planning a full out soiree at The Reef (located at 3rd and South- great Caribbean food- shall review at first chance) but things fell apart and so she settled on a small gathering at a neighborhood “bar and seafood spot” called Chuck’s Alibi. It’s located at Five Points, Cottman Ave. and Rising Sun Ave., in Northeast Philadelphia. I shall say this on the food: Mediocre at best.

Now, I will give Chuck’s some leeway in that I did not order the Seafood. I read a brief customer review online before heading out and it was suggested that one order either the Seafood it’s famous for or a Cheesesteak. Well, I do not eat red meat and I was craving a salad all day so that’s what I ordered, the Milian Shrimp Salad, with Shrimp, Bacon (though I ordered without), Tomatoes, and Thousand Island Dressing. The salad was as simple and generic as you could get. I mean Iceberg Lettuce from a bag, Tomatoes that were not at all the Fresh succulence I wanted, and Thousand Island Dressing straight out of a bottle. Now, I will say this, while the Shrimp was plain and Unseasoned, the Texture was beautiful and it was a touch Juicy. Not under or overcooked, just right. But that was the only thing to get excited about. My friend ordered the Hot Wings and allowed me a taste of one. Ok. I absolutely LOVE hot wings, the hotter the better, and I want real Peppered Wings, with sauce that someone took the time to make themselves.  Chuck’s Wings were plain old generic pizza shop/corner store/bar Hot Wings. I was highly unimpressed with the meals.

But like I said, maybe I should have order a seafood dish (my itty bitty Shrimp do not count in my mind). The birthday girl ordered Crabs. I wish I could have gotten a picture because the Crab Legs did look impressive. You receive a huge plate with 1 Pound of Dungeness Crab Legs, a Corn Cob, and Butter for Dipping. I was able to taste some of the Crab and it was good. Not the best Crab I’ve ever had but good. In my mind with Crab Legs you can’t go wrong . The fresher the best of course, so nothing would beat the batch that you just caught this morning, but other than that there’s not much to prepare, so the Crab Meat speaks for itself. It had the Sweetness that I love and the Soft Texture I miss (eating crab legs always make me think of my Grandmother).

All in all, I wasn’t blown away at all, but perhaps I was expecting too much? I mean it is just the local pub, but haven’t you been to little neighborhood spots where the food was OMG the Flippin Best Thing Eva? That’s what I had been expecting of Chuck’s and I was sadly disappointed. I guess it’s a good place to eat if you want seafood but don’t want to buy and prepare, or if you just wanted a quick bite. If there’s a next time (doubt it), I’ll definitely had the Dungeness or the Snow Crabs.

(By the way: service was just ok and the DJ…well he had his moments)

I don’t know what Chuck’s “Alibi” is, but I’m not buying it.


Article: Veganism?

10 Jan

Washington Post Article Here

What the hell is veganism? I’ve had vegan friends but besides eating their homemade non-dairy brownies, I’ve had no experience in “the movement”. But is it still considered just a trend, fad, or movement? Isn’t it a seriously lifestyle? For some it is. For others it’s just the newest bandwagon to jump on (we all know those kind of fad hopping people). But, again, what is this bandwagon? According to this Washington Post article:

“Veganism is essentially hard-core vegetarianism. While a vegetarian might butter her bagel or eat a cake made with eggs, vegans shun all animal products: No meat, no cheese, no eggs, no honey, no mayonnaise. Ethical vegans have a moral aversion to harming animals for human consumption, be it for a flank steak or leather shoes, though the term often is used to describe people who follow the diet, not the larger philosophy.”

Ok so maybe if I really tried I could do vegetarianism, and I could give up my turkey and chicken. And maybe if I tired really really hard I could do no dairy or eggs. But no honey?? That’s where ya’ll lost me. And that’s another reason veganism can be considered a fad. It’s hard to change your diet especially when it restricts so many of the things you may have once considered a necessity (for some it’s milk, for me it’s honey). So you see many people embrace it enthusiastically, and then suddenly due to nostalgia, inconvenience, or whatever, they sudden fall off. But, still, there are so many who are die-hard for the cause vegans, living healthy happy lives.

Honestly though, maybe it’s something to consider (not for everyone, of course). I mean plant based diets are exactly a new age concept. Many cultures have been following this line of diet for ages (literally). It’s just that for Americans, it seems so foreign. I see this especially with those who have Southern roots. We’re not exactly trying to give up our soul food.

However, there’s a lot more information and support out there for want-to-be/soon-to-be/sometimes- vegans, especially on the web. There are oh so many blogs dedicated to eating vegan, and to making the diet restrictions fit you individually. The one I’ve recently been into checking is byanygreensnecessary.com. Here I can find my mac and cheese and collard greens “veganized”. And even for those (the many like me) who aren’t ready to adopt that whole lifestyle change, using bits and pieces of the vegan diet can be a helpful, healthful alternative to the same old same old American “meat and potatoes” diet. It’s not just for the yoga loving hippies anymore. Nowadays, anyone can get down with the chick peas.

Recipe: Soup: Chicken and Brown Rice

6 Jan

Recipe Found Here

Courtesy of Whole Foods. This looks all too easy, especially with the kale. But I may have to susbstitute some vegetables (I have family deathly allergic to carrots and celery). Maybe some peppers or green beans? Something for crunch.

Review: Champs Corner Breakfast and Lunch

6 Jan

If you’re in the North Philadelphia area and want some breakfast…

So one of my best homegirls and I found this cute little breakfast/lunch spot last year. It’s just two blocks away from our campus and it’s so cute and subtle, I realized that I’ve walked past it quite a few times and never noticed it! Obviously my super food sniffer was not working. This hidden goodness is called Champs Corner Breakfast and Lunch Steaks and Hoagies, located at 16th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue.  My feeling on this joint? Not OMG WOW, but definitely yummy.

Now I’m a huge fan of breakfast, I’m more of a dinner person, but when I’m in the mood, I’m wanting eggs, hash browns, and toast. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Champs. This particular morning, breakfast consisted of an Egg and Cheese Sandwich on Wheat Toast and Hash Browns. The food is warm and palate satisfying, well cooked with great Textures. I mean a nice crunch from the toast, potatoes with the perfect amount of give with that first bite, eggs that make you want to just chew and chew and chew. It taste like someone made you breakfast and you’re sitting at their kitchen table. BUT BUT BUT there’s no seasoning, no kick of flavor. The food’s not bland, just plain.

My friend had a taste for Pancakes as well as Eggs and Hash Browns. Her Pancakes– very nice. Fluffy and Full without being suffocating. They’re Sweet and perfectly cooked.

All in all, the food cook and prep are great, and everything is done to perfection, but just with no Umph! The atmosphere is so great, I LOVE the Asian couple that runs this spot. The husband runs the front, takes orders, serves tables, while the wife does all the cooking. When you sit at your table or at the counter you’re given a place mat, napkin, fork and knife, and a condiments basket. Of course with this great customer service, you have happy customers that are always coming back for more. It’s a very neighbor feel. There are the regulars who already have to orders known, there are those who call in and order before hand, there’s joking and laughing, and a very relaxed feel. When I want a sit down breakfast on campus, it’s Champs without a doubt.

Oh! And did I mention the price? Let’s just say perfect for my poor college student budget. $6 dollars ya’ll, and that’s including my bottle of water.

I definitely recommend. But if you need a little flavor, bring a bit of oregano in your purse.

Likes: Mushrooms, Baby Corn, and Black Olives

4 Jan

This is the salad I had for lunch yesterday, self-served at the open salad bar in the cafeteria. I must say that I love salad and this one was pretty darn good. Ice berg lettuce (for crunch), plenty of black olives (the almost sour flavor is balanced perfectly with their slight saltiness), baby corn (so cute), mushrooms (fav!), boiled eggs and feta cheese (for taste and texture). And sun-dried tomato dressing drizzled across the top. I devoured that salad. Matter fact, think I’m gonna have that for lunch again! tomorrow.